M-35 Deuce and Half Memphis Manufacturing With Moving Front Axle.

PO Box 70
Auberry, CA 93602
United States

1950 Other (not listed)
Transmission Type
Exterior Color
Interior Color
This Deuce and Half Water Truck was Originally Manufactured and Sold by Memphis Equipment Company.
Per them and inside plate, it had a Gold Comet Gas Engine Model 136.

The Cab originally had a canvas top but in pictures they also show them with a hard top.
Tires are fine and have held air for many Years. Husband feels with batteries, and ether, that she will still start. He had to have her running to come down the driveway when we got her. She was to be a retirement project but for Health Reasons we have to move 1500 miles away to a smaller property.

Plate in Cab said she has a Reo Reba Eagle Beaver Sure Shift, Transfer Case Driven Gear and Manual Front Wheel Drive that replaces Sprag Gear. Memphis Equipment Company is still in business providing parts for the trucks they have built over the years. The gentleman I spoke with there explained that this particular truck's front axle moved in and out. They have all the parts for these trucks and have books on them also.

Being as this is a historical vehicle, I am going to ask that you look at pictures, make an appointment to look at her and then submit a bid for her by August 15th, 2022 which should give you time to get here as it includes 4 weekends. Starting Bid is $1000

In order to examine this truck which is on our ranch that we are selling, you need to text mobile phone listed as our cell service is not totally reliable. Also due to robocalls we no longer answer unknown numbers. Or you can email with date and time you wish to come and to get directions.
Traction Control
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